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Spence vs James

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I have to admit I didn't have Errol Spence versus Derrick James on my 2024 bout sheet.  If you haven't heard by now, not only is the former unified welterweight champion splitting up with his long time trainer, but they are now suing each other. 

So just like that, after one loss, one of the most successful unions in boxing has dissolved. And the reason why is very simple -- money. 

If you want all the sordid details, read Jake Donovan's comprehensive piece in Ring Magazine:

Now, in situations like this there are usually three sides to the story. The plaintiff's, the defendant's, and then truth which is oftentimes somewhere in the middle. 

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But I will say this, the reality is that trainers are often the most unprotected figures in the sport. While everyone else works with written contracts that are binding and backed up by the commissions, trainers are left with an oral agreement, or a handshake.

And what do they say about those types of contracts?

They are as good as the paper they are written on.

The Spence-James tandem was one of the most successful in boxing. They began their journey together and eventually reached great heights. But unfortunately, after last summer's loss to Terence Crawford, things changed for whatever reason. And yeah, you can speculate that the results of the fight may have impacted what James received for that training camp. Many times trainers go into fights not knowing exactly what they will get paid.

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The general industry practice is for the chief second to receive 10-percent of the fighter's purse. This is especially true if that said trainer has been with the boxer from the beginning. If you're a hired gun that is brought in later in a career, generally a set fee is negotiated for that upcoming bout. 

Unfortunately, for many long-standing trainers who have been with fighters since their four round contests, the fighters don't mind giving up 10-percent of a $1,000 purse. But taking that same percentage of a seven-figure payday is a bit different. It's at this point that many get their earnings capped. 

You could argue that nobody should make that much per fight if they aren't taking the punches - which is valid.  But trainers will contend that at the beginning of these careers they make pennies on the dollar in terms of the hours they put in. Think about if you're working with a boxer for six weeks, on  a bout that pays the boxer $500. Well, you can do that math on the $50 that trainer gets. 

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A well-respected trainer also told me that many times lower purse amounts are put on commission reports. This means that their percentage is off that amount. Yeah, this is a tough racket. In other sports, coaches are rewarded for success. In boxing, they are capped at a financial ceiling.

It is worth asking: what is the true value of a trainer that gets the most out of you, and can prepare you for battle better than anybody else?

I'm making no judgement on this particular situation, but what is happening to James is nothing new. Ray Leonard and Angelo Dundee split over money. More recently, there was Gennadiy Golovkin and Abel Sanchez. Years ago, Sanchez refused to come off his percentage with Terry Norris, and walked away. 

James will be OK. He recently led Ryan Garcia to a huge victory over Devin Haney. Garcia is one of the highest earners in the sport. After a tough 2023, the former 'Trainer of the Year' has shown that he hasn't forgotten how to prepare a boxer. Now he will be working with Frank Martin as they face Gervonta Davis in the summer. 

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There is no need to start a GoFundMe campaign for him.

But in recent months, James made comments that after Garcia, he would no longer train boxers. This would be it for him. You wonder how much this situation with his most noted pupil weighed on his mind when he made that statement. 

My advice for trainers out there is very simple: get a binding contract, and always have legal representation on hand. Loyalty only gets you so far.

Boxing is a tough sport. It's an even tougher business. 



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