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5 Excellent quality
it was amazing and i already needed to order more, love the performance and saw results in 2-3 weeks of using it
4 Solid, but Doesn't Last Forever
This is a great shaker cup - my only complaint is that the plastic does tend to stain a little bit after a while. Honestly I use these cups so much and they're very affordable so it's not a big deal, but the lack of long-term durability gets it 4 stars instead of 5.
5 Perfect for my Supp Stack!
I must have a thousand shaker cups lying around the house, but this one is definitely my newest and best. Works like a charm, super portable, and does exactly what it needs to do! I don't need my shaker to be fancier than this, and there's literally nothing I would change.
5 Works Better Than Others
I don't know why, and color me insane, but this shaker cup works better than other ones I've tried. Maybe its the shape of the cap, or maybe I'm crazy, but I absolutely love this shaker cup! I have a finely-tuned post-workout supplement stack that I like to take and I just dump it all in here and I've got my perfect post workout recovery fuel.
5 Does What It Needs to Do
I needed an easy functional shaker cup for my pre-workout since I go right to the gym from work. Added this into my last order and I'm happy I did! Nothing fancy but it certainly gets the job done, which is perfect for me.
5 Very functional
I've never had a shaker with this shaped top before, but for some reason it helps to blend my supps way better than any other shaker cup I've used. Must be the slope of the cap or something? I'm not sure but it definitely does the trick.
5 Looks Great!
Love the logo on this cup, and it's actually been a conversation starter in the gym. Will definitely be ordering another one soon!
Available in white.
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Available in white.
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