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Xpedite, Vitalyze, HypOxygen, ProGlycosyn, ZMA-5 & Pro-Night
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The FIGHTER TRAINING STACK is the perfect combination of products for fighters. If you are looking to boost your energy, oxygen uptake, speed and muscle strength plus accelerate your healing, tissue repair and recovery from intense workouts, then this is the ultimate stack for you!


Suggested Use:

Mix 2 scoops of XPEDITE with 12 ounces of water and drink together with 2 capsules of VITALYZE and 2 capsules of HYPOXYGEN about 20 minutes before training (strength & conditioning, boxing workouts and sparring).

Mix 2 scoops of PROGLYCOSYN with 8 ounces of liquid and drink within 10 minutes post-workout.

Take ZMA-5 (3 capsules for men and 2 capsules for women) about 60 minutes before bedtime.

Mix 2 scoops of PRO-NIGHT together with 8 ounces of liquid and drink 30 minutes before bedtime.

Additional Expert Tip:

Mix 1 scoop of PRO-NIGHT & 1 scoop of PROGLYCOSYN with 8 ounces of liquid and use as an ANYTIME QUALITY PROTEIN source as needed.

Product labels:

Pro-Night: Vanilla, Chocolate

ZMA®-5: Download

Proglycosyn: Vanilla, Orange

Hypoxygen: Download

Vitalyze: Download

Xpedite: Green Apple, Raspberry Lemonade

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Ashraf A.
United States

Great supplements

I’d like to see more companies do the same and focus on nutrition for fighters and offers these kinds of stacks. Great overall price and value and definitely worth a try imo. Teamsnac!

Robert Palacios


I first heard of SNAC when I heard Victor Conte on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. I began taking ZMA, because of that episode and felt a lot better in my daily life and in the gym. I have experimented with multiple SNAC products, but never couldn't find the perfect combination or would simply forget to order a product I liked. At first, I was nervous to order this pack since I am not a fighter, but rather a gym enthusiast, but I am glad I made the decision to give it a shot as it is everything I had been looking for in a product in terms of a pre- and post-workout. This stack is great. It helps me feel more lively in the gym, and is also very simple as it is a one-stop shop in terms of getting all the nutrition I need for a month. I am eager to try to this over the course of the next few months to see what headway I can make in the gym.


I am not a fighter but...

I am not a fighter but I do highly recommend this stack for anyone who is serious about their training. Whether you are a crossfitter, power lifter, bodybuilder, an athlete or simply live an active lifestyle, you should look into this stack. The combination of the Xpedite, Hypoxygen and Vitalyze gets me through my early morning HIIT training. It not only gets me going but it helps me power through the whole workout. It gives me that extra edge to go just a little bit harder and a little bit longer. The best part is I never crash. I have tried some preworkouts that will make me crash at work hard. This combo combined with the two types of proteins AND Zma for recovery is the absolute best way for someone to not only kill it in their workout but to also recover properly so that they can do it again. After all, what's the point of having a great workout if you can't recover from it?

Bradley Galbraith


This stack is not just priced well, but very helpful. I lead an active life, and when I go to the gym, I go hard, but I have to admit, I don't always know what to take before and after my workout. This stack not just saves me money, but also helps me in terms of what products I should take and when. I find this stack extremely helpful and allows me to focus more on my workouts and less on having to research what I should take, before and after my workouts, which can be tricky for me as I work full-time in law enforcement and don't have much free time. Each product tastes great and improves my performance on the three major lifts, deadlift, squat and bench. I especially like taking a chocolate Pro-Night before bed as it is a low sugar, great tasting drink. I am looking forward to some great gains thanks to this stack.