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Garcia Rolls to Victory

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It was a turbulent week for Ryan Garcia. After engaging in a pissing contest for much of the fight week in Houston with his promoters that could've filled up the Hoover Dam, he was pushed a bit by Oscar Duarte at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

But just as things started to get bit worrisome for Garcia(24-1, 20 KOs) and his supporters, he struck the rugged Duarte (26-2, 21 KOs) with his trademark counter left hook that stunned his foe. He then followed up with a barrage of punches that sent Duarte down in the eighth round.

As Duarte made the decision to take the 10-and-a-tenth count, the fight was waved off by referee James Green.

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It was an interesting outing for Garcia in his debut with Derrick James. At first he employed a shoulder roll that had him turning his back fully at times to Duarte. While this tactic proved effective in thwarting a majority of the oncoming left hooks, it didn't allow him to counterpunch all that much. It was deemed the 'fetal shell' by some on Twitter. (Yeah, el-oh-el)

Then he spent the majority of the seventh round on his bicycle, circling the ring at such a pace that you wondered if he was trying to earn the yellow jersey in the Tour De France. Going into the late rounds you got the sense that Duarte was building some momentum.

But all of that was rendered irrelevant as Garcia ended things suddenly in the following stanza. 

“Everyone kept asking me why Oscar Duarte – he was so tough!," said Garcia, who in April was stopped by Gervonta Davis. "I thought I would get him out in the second or third, but he was like a rock. I felt like me and Derrick have a lot to build on after this fight.”

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This performance was a microcosm of 'KingRy' as a fighter: fast, flashy, fun -- and flawed.

Garcia has an abundance of physical gifts and athleticism, but the reality is that he is an incomplete fighter with major holes in his game. He still largely throws just one punch at a time, and Garcia is a one-armed fighter for long stretches. Given his big money star status, the 25-year old matinee idol is now just a twice-a-year performer. You wonder -- no matter who's in his corner for the time being -- if he can ever really get better at this point. (And there is also the issue of coachability.)

But regardless of his deviancies as a boxer, Garcia is big box-office. He will always be in the mix for lucrative fights. But be honest, based on what you saw on Saturday night, did you see an elite junior welterweight in there? (And yes, we're well aware this contest took place at a catchweight of 143 pounds versus a lightweight.) 

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There's a reason why Garcia said afterwords, "“I want to become a world champion. I want Rollies next." Rollie as in Romero, who struggled mightily with the ancient Ismael Barroso back in May. That tainted victory earned him the vacant WBA junior welterweight title. But how lightly regarded is Romero? Despite having a major title belt, he isn't listed in the Ring Magazine top 10 at 140.

Regardless, that match-up should provide an entertaining press conference and lead-up. Just don't expect Pryor-Arguello. They should name this fight: Flawed and Flawder. 



A featured performer on this DAZN undercard was lightweight prospect, Floyd Schofield, who blew out Ricardo 'Not Finito' Lopez in one round. He dominated from the opening bell, sending his foe down four times.

The 21-year old is certainly a talented young fighter. He has speed, quickness and certainly a willingness to mix it up. Some believe that Schofield (16-0, 12 KOs) is ready to be moved up the lightweight ladder. But you wonder what the rush is?

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While he certainly has some tools to work with, to these eyes he still has some rough edges to smooth out. Schofield at times gets his chin out in front of his feet at times, and he has a tendency to rush in as he comes forward. Fixable flaws, but flaws nonetheless.

But it's clear that Golden Boy has something to work with here. And for the time being, the young man actually wants to talk to Oscar De La Hoya.

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Darius Fulgham looked really good on this undercard. Very sound technical skills....Shane Mosley Jr. stopped Joshua Conley in six... Jordan Gill halted Michael Conlan in seven in Belfast. That might be the end of the road for Mick....Speaking of De La Hoya, he made it clear that his company will be promoting Garcia for the next couple of years. So I'm sure they'll live happily ever after....Did you agree with the four teams selected for the college football playoffs?....I can be reached at


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