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Catterall Evens the Score

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No matter what Bob Arum says, Jack Catterall (29-1, 13 KOs) was the rightful winner on Saturday at the First Direct Arena in Leeds against arch-rival Josh Taylor (19-2, 13 KOs). Unfortunately for Catterall, unlike their first go-around in 2022, the victory doesn't have quite the same impact as it would have in 2022.

Yes, he evened up the score on their rivalry, but this time around the undisputed junior welterweight title was not on the line, Taylor is also no longer considered one of the elite prizefighters in the game. 

But at the very least, this time he got the official victory. 

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 “It’s bittersweet tonight. No world titles. I won the fight. We can close that chapter with Josh Taylor," Catterall said. “Listen, I believe I won the fight. I took more risks this time. Josh is an elite operator, {former} undisputed world champion. We knew we were up against it, but I went through the gears, boxed with my smarts, and even in the second half of the fight, the rounds that I was more reserved, I was controlling the pace and wasn’t getting hit with big punches. And I was landing clean.”

Jack Catterall Gets REVENGE With Decision Over Josh Taylor | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Perhaps there could be a rubber match. This was a pretty solid bout between two guys that really don't like one another all that much. You got the sense that as things ended, while they were cordial enough, they weren't going to be hoisting pints at the local pub any time soon. 

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Catterall got off to a good early start, winning the majority of the first half behind his quick jab and piercing left. It looked for all the world that Taylor would go away gently into the night. To his credit, he did rally from rounds seven through ten as he steadied himself and put the pressure on Catterall. But in the 11th round, a booming left hand hurt Taylor, and firmly swung the momentum back to Catterall.

After 12 rounds, the scorecards read 117-111 (twice) and 116-113 all in favor of 'el Gato'. Some may think this was a tad wide for Catterall, but really only by only a round or so. My personal card had it 115-113 in his favor. This time around, there was no taking it from him. 

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“I thought it was a great fight. Fair play to Jack. He was a better fighter than the first fight," Taylor said. "But, listen, I thought I just nicked the fight, to be fair."

Honestly, he and Arum might be the only ones who thought he deserved the nod. He should get credit for hanging in the fight, and making Catterall work for it. But in truth, he is no longer that guy that he was when he won the World Boxing Super Series, and eventually the undisputed claim at 140.

As I stated in the last column, he is now a 'dull blade' a fighter whose skills have eroded with inactivity, age and the continued rigors of making the junior welterweight limit. Now 33 years old, you could make an argument that he's 0-3 in his last few fights, and he hasn't won a bout convincingly since 2021 against Jose Ramirez. 

Taylor was once the king of the hill. Now he's just another guy on a losing streak. 



Later on Saturday night, there was a card from Canada that featured streaking super middleweight contender, Sebastian Mbilli. It was a short night as Mbilli stopped veteran, Mark Heffron, in under a minute with a well-placed left hook downstairs.

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Now, it has to be mentioned that Heffron was stopped in all three of his previous losses. So this wasn't a totally unexpected result. But this much is clear, with his hell-bent-for-leather style, Mbilli (27-0, 23 KOs), is the type of guy that I want to see against anyone in the division. This is an all-pressure fighter, who attacks his foes with both hands. He punches first and thinks later. 

No, he may not go unscathed through the 168-pound gauntlet, but he'll never, ever be involved in a bad fight. 

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Currently, Mbilli is ranked second by Ring Magazine, and then in the top three of all the major sanctioning bodies.  He's actually rated first by the WBC, whose champion is Saul Alvarez, and 'interim' titlist is David Benavidez. You wonder if he will need to become a mandatory challenger to get a title shot. 



If you haven't seen the undisputed heavyweight title bout between Oleksandr Usyk and Tsyon Fury, Turki Alalshikh has uploaded it on his YouTube channel. So here it is, compliments of His Excellency:

نزال القرن مع فيوري ضد اوزيك | Ring of fire FURY vs USYK


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