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A Non-Fight Broke Out

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How uneventful -- and just plain awful -- was the heavyweight bout between Jared Anderson and Ryad Merhy? Top Rank couldn't even find enough highlights to put up clips on their YouTube page on Sunday.

Other portions of that card, which took place at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, were cut into video packages. This bout (which was the main event on ESPN) didn't even merit a minute long vignette on their own channel.

Who knows, maybe the Top Rank social media team is still looking for some action from this particular pairing.  Yeah, this was the kinda fight, as I like to say, "You let them in for free, and you charge them to leave."

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Now, to be fair, reluctant Ryad should take much of the blame for the non-action that took place. For whatever reason he simply would not let his hands go. Back in the olden days if a boxer put up a performance like this there would be consequences. A matchmaker like the legendary, Teddy Brenner, would've gone into his corner at some point during the fight, and made it very clear that unless he started fighting, he wouldn't get paid. Yeah, this actually happened.

But those days are over, and what was left of the ESPN audience on Saturday night was subjected to a very soft sparring session. Some of the blame should be placed on Top Rank for making this match-up. I know it's easy to second guess but maybe instead of having Efe Ajagbe and Guido Vianello face one another (in what was a very entertaining affair), one of them should have been paired with 'Big Baby'.

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As for Anderson (17-0, 15 KOs), while he remained undefeated, this victory doesn't really do much for him. Yeah, he won, but did he leave you wanting to see him again? At age 24, he speaks often of retiring by age 27. Whether he wins a world title or not, doesn't really matter to him. He said as much last week in the lead-up to this fight to Sean Zittel.

JARED ANDERSON keeps it REAL on recent TROUBLES; I might RETIRE without becoming HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP

Nothing creates apathy among a fan base more than a fighter who has no particular passion for the sport. I give Zittel credit. He tried to be empathetic towards Anderson and his feelings. But this is a cold, harsh business -- one that he chose to be in. That's the reality. The sport will move on with or without him

Nobody wants to invest in a fighter who has one foot out the door.



One fighter who continues to shine, and is lightweight, Abdullah Mason (13-0, 11 KOs). He scored an emphatic fourth round TKO of Ronal Ron on this undercard. Yeah, there was enough here for Top Rank to put up highlights.

Abdullah Mason Continues To Wow Boxing World | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

It seems as though he is now getting his man-strength, to go along with his blazing speed and quickness. It will be interesting to see how fast he will be moved by his team as he is still just 20 years old. But make no mistake about it, this is a boxer I would buy stock in.


I was stunned and saddened to learn about the passing of Gary Shaw last week. We had our battles at times, but overall I got along very well with Shaw, and had some great times covering him and his events (yes, even the one at the Silverdome).

Picture for A Non-Fight Broke Outcourtesy of the Shaw family

This was a guy who loved the sport of boxing, and being a player in a business that he loved. 

After a long stint with the New Jersey commission, he became the COO of Main Events. He then started his own company (Gary Shaw Productions) where he presided over some of the biggest events in boxing in the 2000's. He also threw his hat into the realm of mixed martial arts with EliteXC.

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A few years ago, he had taken up the task of cleaning up the quagmire that was the WBA rankings and their plethora of belt holders.

 Shaw was the type of guy you could only find in boxing. He always made things interesting and fun. For that, I am grateful. May he rest in peace, and my condolences to his loved ones. 







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