Fat Attack Stack

Fat Attack Stack

FAT ATTACK STACK – Xpedite and Aerobitine
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The Fat Attack Stack is the combined fat burning effects of using the Xpedite and Aerobitine products together. Xpedite is a powdered drink formula and Aerobitine is a veggie capsule delivery method. Both products contain the fat burning ingredients R-Lipoic Acid and Bioperine plus additional beneficial nutrients. R-Lipoic acid increases the uptake of glucose by muscle cells and blocks fat cell deposition. Bioperine has thermogenic effects which increases the body’s calorie burn. Stacking Xpedite and Aerobitine together creates time released advantages. The ingredients in the Xpedite drink are absorbed about 20 minutes after consumption. The ingredients in Aerobitine capsules are absorbed about 50 minutes after being taken. This is what creates the “sustained fat burning effects” of the FAT ATTACK STACK.

Product labels:

Xpedite: Green Apple, Raspberry Lemonade

Aerobitine: Download

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