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SNAC Multi-Layered Face Mask

4 Hate Masks But May As Well Get This One
Honestly cannot stand masks. I'm vaccinated and the idea of wearing them in the gym is nuts to me. But I have to follow my gyms' rules or else I'll get kicked out - so I may as well rep a brand that I like.
5 No Hot Breath
I was wearing regular cloth masks when working out and they were the worst. Wet, hot, it was almost unbearable. So I tried these and they work so much better it's amazing. I'm pretty annoyed my gym makes me wear a mask, but this makes it much much more tolerable.
5 Great Looking
I look great in this mask,I got a large. The other masks I've tried look ridiculous on my face, so I'm happy I found one large enough for my giant face.
5 Piece of Mind
I've been terrified to get back to the gym for various reasons, and I'm finally venturing back out there. I like that this mask has a particle filter so I can feel more protected. So happy to be back in the gym!
5 If I have to
If I have to wear a mask, I'm happy it's this one. It fits pretty well and isn't problematic when I lift at all. Of all the masks I've tried, I can actually breathe in this one!
5 Perfect Sizing
I have been struggling to find a mask that fits my face but the small size of this actually is perfect. And I absolutely love that you can add replaceable filters into it.
5 Great Filter
So much better than a cloth mask - and I can actually breathe in it! The material helps deal with sweat and heat when I'm lifting. I really do highly recommend it.
5 Great Mask for Gym
I hate wearing masks but my gym makes us wear them inside. I was having a tough time lifting with cotton masks, and these nylon masks really work much much better. Love the replaceable filter too.
5 Great quality!!!
Super comfortable on my face. I don't use the toggles, just tied the ends of the string for a perfect fit. Thank you SNAC! Please run a promo soon!
I love the quality of this mask!!!! Durable and comfy on my face. I will order a few more for my family!
Soft & smooth durable fabric for maximum comfort & ultimate breathability
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  • Soft & smooth durable fabric for maximum comfort & ultimate breathability
  • Built-in middle filter layer
  • Adjustable toggles on both nylon ear ties for a snug fit
  • Available in size Small, Medium, Large, & X-Large
  • Hand wash & air dry
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