Zab Judah Connects with Victor Conte

Original Article: Max Boxing

By Steve Kim

Monday, July 18, 2011

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As he prepares for his junior welterweight unification showdown on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, IBF titlist Zab Judah believes that- and yes, get ready for a “cliché alert”- he is indeed in the best shape of his life coming into this bout against WBA beltholder, Amir Khan. No, seriously, this time he means it.

"I must say," Judah stated to Maxboxing last week from Las Vegas, "I am in the best shape of my career. It’s going to be phenomenal. People always say things about breathing and ’Zab Judah can’t make it past six rounds’ but I think if the fight permits itself to go 12 rounds, after 12 rounds, I’ll be looking for another six."

In the past, Judah has been like a drag racing vehicle, capable of quick, explosive starts but not built for the long haul. He now believes he is capable of boxing effectively for long distances. Much of it has to do with his consultation of noted conditioning and nutritional guru Victor Conte.

"Victor’s a very smart guy; he’s a very underestimated man. I think we play together as two great people. We are the same kinda person with some past histories of things; people just judge on that alone," said Judah, referencing their checkered pasts. "His character as a person, that’s not who he is [anymore]. He’s a different kinda guy and I’m very pleased to be working with Victor and the man has been nothing but a great help to me and everything like that. He’s a legit, honest guy."