Nonito Donaire Dares to Dethrone the King

Original Article: Max Boxing

By Ryan Maquiñana

Friday, February 18, 2011

Picture for Nonito Donaire Dares to Dethrone the King

At the Undisputed Gym in San Carlos, Calif., the heavy bag suffers a princely beating at the hands of four different legends in one night.

“Here’s Mike Tyson,” says bantamweight Nonito “Filipino Flash” Donaire, as he pulverizes the bag with blazing double left hooks. “Bap-bap!  Bap-bap!  Who’s next?”

Donaire’s bob-and-weave impression of the heavyweight legend is soon followed by an uncanny southpaw rendition of Manny Pacquiao as well as a pinpoint imitation of the stylings of Roy Jones, Jr., all of which receive raucous applause from his wife Rachel and the spectators in attendance for his public workout.

But once the fanfare subsides and playtime is over, THE RING’s number five pound-for-pound fighter’s persona is the last man standing.  “Iron Mike,” “RJ,” and the “Pac-Man” can come back another time.

Nonito is just left with Nonito; he has become boxing royalty in his own right and resumes the rest of his workout with the quiet intensity of a Shaolin monk.  And that’s the way he likes it heading into the biggest moment of his career.

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