Ivan Redkach Knocks Out Yakubu Amidu on Showtime

Ivan Redkach Knocks Out Yakubu Amidu on Showtime

Original Article: The Sweet Science

By David Avila

January 10, 2015

Russian lightweight Ivan Redkach (18-0, 14 KOs) found Yabudu Amidu (19-6-2, 17 KOs) may not have the flashy name of other contenders, but he was a stiff challenge.

Redkach has a knack for finding the mark for his southpaw punches and hit Amidu early in the fight.

Redkach was busier and more accurate than Amidu in the first three rounds.  Then the African boxer who fights out of L.A. found the range.  Amidu began targeting the body and found success as it began opening up more options.  Redkach continued firing back and was hit low twice in the fifth round.  Referee Ray Corona deducted a point from Amidu for the repeat infraction.

Amidu came out firing in the sixth round and ran into a left cross that delivered him to the deck.  He got up and was met with an onslaught of blows from the lefty Redkach, who caught Amidu with a right cross.  Down went Amidu, hard. A very slow count by the referee allowed the African to beat the count.  Slowly he got up and survived the rest of the round.  While sitting in his stool the fight was stopped at the end of round six.

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